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Leigh & Chris
19, April 2018

Leigh & Chris.

Leigh and her bridal party were an absolute delight to work with. She was so lovely and friendly and it was easy to chat with her to get to the details of what she was thinking for her special day.  

Their choice of dresses for the bridesmaids was gold and silver metallic dresses - super classy, very chic and modern. All different, but complemented each other beautifully. 

Their rooftop venue in downtown DC had stunning views of the city, but despite the backdrop, we couldn’t take our eyes off the beautifully happy couple! 

With a very large bridal party, it can get overwhelming for brides when it comes to thinking of planning out how to schedule so many women. But we walk you through all the details beforehand, letting you know how many artists we will bring, and how many ladies we will need at any one time. That way, you can just sit back and relax, knowing you are in good hands! We’ll chat with each lady to get a feel for what they are looking for, too.

To quote the lovely Leigh, “They knew exactly how to schedule some 10 women the day of the event--in fact, we were done ahead of schedule, each one of them looked like themselves but their natural beauty was simply amplified”.  

And that’s our goal. To help you feel and look, like the most amazing you.

Leigh opted for a classic, timeless hairstyle with a loose braid as a modern twist. It suited her perfectly and gave a nice spot for her veil to sit in for the ceremony.    

Huge congratulations to the happy couple – we’re sure your day was as wonderful as the coming years together are sure to be! 


Photographer: Tracy Timmester 

Timmester Photography 

Website: http://www.timmesterphoto.com/blog/ 

Instagram: @timmesterphotography 


Coordinator:  Vanity Fair Special Events, Theresa Daly 


Venue: The Terrace at 101 Constitution Ave, NW Washington, DC 

Website: http://101constitutionroofterrace.com/ 


Florist: Imperial Decor 

Website: https://www.imperialdecorations.com/ 

Instagram: @imperialdecor 


Music: Bialek's Music 

Website: http://bialeksmusic.com/djs/elon-e/ 





Wedding gown: http://hitchedsalon.com/