Lily’s Quince!
18, February 2018

Lily’s Quince!

Quinceañera is the Hispanic word for a 15 years old young lady, this is one of the most important
traditions for women in the Hispanic culture! Its true meaning is to introduce the young lady into society! Therefore Family, friends, and relatives go all loud in this super fun and meaningful celebration! And for Lily, it wasn’t the exception.


This was a very, super special day for her. She had the opportunity to celebrate this awesome tradition of her 15th birthday with her best friends (her cousins), and all her loved ones.
For her photo session prior to her Quince, Lily and her cousins got together and had a blast! The pictures were taken by no other than her aunt Darling from Darling Photographers, an incredibly talented
wedding and special event photographer!!!

Lily’s 2 cousins wear their Quinceañera dresses for her photo-shoot, as it is a dear tradition in Lily’s family, and very meaningful for them!

We had so much fun helping Lily look amazing for her Quince! We created the most beautiful lose, romantic, sided low bund...with the most glamorous pink, super soft smoky eye flawless makeup, just Stunning!!!

Thank you, Lily! We wish you a beautiful and full of happiness life!


Gabby and Martha

Photographer: Darling Paumen https://www.darlingphotographers.com/Instagram: