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Mary & Kyle
08, January 2018

Mary Delmare

She was such a sweet and lovely bride, Mary looked amazing with her Hollywood glam look. Her make up was impeccable! Gorgeous 20’s waives with just the right amount of volume in her hair and flawless airbrush make up with pink eyeshadow that made her green eyes pop! She looked stunning!!!


It was amazing that she wore her mom’s wedding dress and mantilla! That was so meaningful!! She was breath taken!!!

The coolest thing was all her bridesmaids and bridesmen were her siblings, such a caring, and loving family! We are so thankful for the opportunity to have worked with this fabulous family. This was the first wedding we have where there was one bridesMEN and one groomsLADY, so cool!!


We love working at the Marriott Ranch in Hume, VA. Their stuff is incredibly nice and they’re always taking care of every little detail! The wedding took place at the Rappahannock Cellars gorgeous place!!! Working with this amazing family and the wedding taking place at their own venue, The Rappahannock Cellar (yes, they own the place).

Was awesome! Such a perfect paradise to get married a fairy tale come true!

Adam Mason you ROCK!!! A super talented photographer that was able to capture every meaningful moment of Mary’s big day!!! Thank you for these amazing images, we love you, Adam!!!



                                       We wish lots of happiness and love to this outstanding couple! 





Rappahannock Cellars



Kelly Knight (she referred us to the bride her sister!!!)



Adam Mason

Website: adammason.com

Instagram: @masonphotography